Montag, 22. April 2013


So, a friend of mine had a little bar-exhibition at fuc-bar 
in Berlin, Friendrichshain begin of this month. Those guys from 
fuc-bar do that weekly, so there is always a bunch of amazing stuff 
to look at, nice folks and cheap beer. 

His art is a bitter mix of reality put in shapes (so only those 
how are looking closer and getting in touch with the inside 
context, really see what it is about). The way he developed 
his perspactiv is interesting.
If you're a fan of dark digital collages art 
you will be a fan of his work. 

Here are some pictures i made. 

A mix between dark illusions - high contrast - childish - reality base context 

Tom about: Tom is the Bastard 

Tom Is The Bastard is a freelance designer/illustrator/
zinester & musician from Berlin. Having roamed the DIY 
hardcore/punk underground for years, he has provided bands all 
over the world with his artwork. Focusing at first on 
illustration, he later moved on to a more collage orientated 
style, worshipping the good old xerox cut & paste art of the 
80s punk/hardcore movement. Despising the world around him, 
his artwork mainly focuses on the more fucked up things in life 
but also reflects his love for childish imagery and a 
longing for at least a little bit of beauty in 
this ugly place we call home.

Louu xx